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Software & Courseware On-line Reviews

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SCOR  or  Software  &  Courseware  On-line  Reviews  is  a  database of
information  about software and courseware and reviews of the same.  It
incorporates  the Schools Computing On-line Resources database which is
a  database of information about all aspects of the use of computers in
schools.  The database includes information about all types of software
including  application,  educational  and  system  software, curriculum
materials  and  professional development for teachers.  The database of
educational  software is built on the catalogue of software held at the
WA  Non-Government  Schools  Computing  Centre  and  currently includes
mainly  software  for  the  Apple  II, BBC and Microbee microcomputers.
Information  about  software for other microcomputers is in the process
of being added.
A  number  of pages have been included as examples of information about
hardware,  professional  development  and  curriculum  materials in the
field of schools computing.
The   database  was  initially  developed  by  the  Western  Australian
Educational Computing Consortium at the Curtin University of Technology
(formerly  the Western Australian Institute of Technology) as part of a
project  funded  by  the  Commonwealth Curriculum Development Centre to
examine   the   feasibility   of   establishing   a  national  software
clearinghouse.  The database has been considerably expanded and updated
since then.
Feedback  and  comments  regarding  SCOR  are  welcomed  and  should be
addressed to:
John A Winship, Acting Director,
Computing Centre,
Curtin University of Technology,
Kent St.,
Bentley WA 6102, (09) 350 5959.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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