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          The ESRC database of Research Abstracts and Products

TELNET ercvax.ed.ac.uk

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RAPID - the ESRC's Research Activity and Publications Information 
Database - plays a key role in the Council's task of demonstrating the 
contribution its funds and activities make to scholarship and to an 
understanding of the economic and social world at large. The database is 
managed at the University of Edinburgh on one of its mainframe 
computers, and holds information on research partly or wholly funded by 
the ESRC and on the various outcomes of this funded activity.

RAPID combines information previously issued through the publications 
"ESRC Research Supported" and the "ESRC Newsletter"; it contains details 
of ESRC awards current at April 1985 or made since 1986, along with 
references to several thousands of publications arising from those 
awards. Entry into RAPID of information on research awards made since 
1988 is scheduled for Summer 1992. Thereafter the information on awards 
will be updated approximately every three months. Inevitably there is a 
lag between the start of a research award and the publication of 
results. Similarly, there will be some delay between the date of 
publication and the entry of the bibliographic description in RAPID.

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