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Sequence Retrieval System

TELNET biomed.uio.no

Username: SRS

SRS is the Sequence Retrieval System developed by Thure Etzold at EMBL.
SRS is a complete menu driven environment that provides extremely fast
access to both, sequence and literature databases. In this setup the
following databases are available:

Primary Databases:
                EMBL            - nucleic acid database
                EMBL_NEW        - (Daily updates)
                SwissProt       - Protein Sequence Database
                PIR             - International Protein Sequence Database
Secondary Databases:
                Prosite         - Protein Motif Database
                ReBase          - Retriction Enzyme Database
                NRL_3D          - PDB sequence subset.
                EPD             - Eukaryotic Promoter Database
                ECD             - E. coli Database
                ENZYME          - Enzyme Name, Reaction, and EC number
                SEQANALREF      - Biocomputing Litterature Database
                Litt            - TOC from Various Journals

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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