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Eureka Example screens (Research Libraries Group)

TELNET eureka-info.stanford.edu

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Eureka is the new, easy-to-use search service from RLG.  With Eureka,
any individual or institution can search the online resources of the
Research Libraries Group (RLG), including the RLIN bibliographic files
and the CitaDel article-citation and document-delivery service.  Eureka
is easy for inexperienced users to use, yet powerful and flexible enough
to satisfy even the most sophisticated searchers.

    Eureka contains information about more than 20 million books,
    serials, sound recordings, musical scores, archival collections,
    and other kinds of material held in major research institutions,
    PLUS millions of article-level citations.

    NOW AVAILABLE:  Access to CitaDel files of article citations!

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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