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CARL System Database Gateway

TELNET database.carl.org

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CARL Systems, Inc. is proud to present our Shopping List of Databases.
Many of the databases included require a password.  If you would like to
look at one of these restricted databases, please contact CARL Systems,
Inc. at database@carl.org or 303/758-3030.  If you have already been
given a password to a database, please enter your password when
prompted.  There are a number of library catalogs and free databases
available, please feel free to look around.

    1.  UnCover
        (Article Access and Delivery)
    2.  Information Access Company Databases
        (including Business Index, Magazine Index and others)
    3.  Grolier's Academic American Encyclopedia
    4.  Facts on File
    5.  H.W. Wilson Databases
        (including Library Literature)
    6.  Other Information and Article Databases
        (including Journal Graphics, Choice and others)
    7.  CARL Systems Library Catalogs

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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