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CAIRSS for Music database of music research literature

TELNET utsaibm.utsa.edu

At TS> ! VT100,3278; Press RETURN
At the UTSA screen, type  library
Select LOCAL
Select CMUS
                             C.A.I.R.S.S. FOR MUSIC

CAIRSS for Music is a bibliographic database of music research
literature. The database is a joint venture between faculty and staff at
UTSA and SMU. Charles T. Eagle, Department of Music Therapy:  Medicine &
Health, SMU, and Donald Hodges, Institute for Music Research, UTSA, are
responsible for this database.  CAIRSS contains information from all
articles that appear in 15 primary journals.  In addition, information
is entered from more than a thousand different journals from which one
or more articles have been selected.  The database is "evolving" from a
preliminary test system.  The database is, however, being updated with
articles from both primary and secondary journals.

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