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DEVLINE: DEVelopment information service onLINE (British Library)

TELNET lib.ids.susx.ac.uk

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DEVLINE is the DEVelopment information service onLINE from the British
Library for Development Studies (BLDS).  DEVLINE serves all those with
an interest in economic and social development and the relationships
between rich and poor countries.  DEVLINE is a free service now
available over the INTERNET.

DEVLINE is provided by the British Library for Development Studies, a UK
national and international centre for information and documentation on
the economic and social aspects of the developing regions of the world.
DEVLINE and BLDS are based at the Institute of Development Studies
(IDS), an international centre of excellence for research, teaching,
publishing and operational assignments.

    1. Search the Library database IDISDB
    2. About the Library database IDISDB
    3. Help for the Library database IDISDB
    4. About ++DEVLINE++
    5. What's new from DEVLINE, BLDS & IDS
    6. Who to contact at BLDS and IDS
    7. Other Library (BLDS) services
    8. EGUIDE: database of electronic information sources ...
    9. About the IDS
   10. IDS Publications Services
   11. IDS Teaching Programme
   12. IDS Research Programmes
   13. COURSES.DB and PEOPLE.DB databases
   14. Development studies institutions: A - LONDON
   15. Development studies institutions: LOUGHBOROUGH - Z
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