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Physicians' GenRx International (tm)

TELNET genrx.icsi.net

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Physicians' GenRx is the most complete drug index ever developed. Drugs
can be found and accessed by FDA (generic) name, by brand names, and by
category.  In addition, specialized category terms are maintained,
including HCFA reimbursement codes, FDA approval date, patent
expiration, FDA's evaluation of new molecular entities, and relative
sales volumes.

Physicians' GenRx is updated quarterly so you get the latest
information.  Physicians' GenRx is available as an application for DOS,
Unix (Sun, SCO, Linux, Xenix), and even VMS (VAX).  GenRx is a true
cross-platform application.  Call for more details.

To subscribe to GenRx, fill-out the online subscription form, option 'B'
from the main menu.  You will be emailed the necessary information such
as GenRx Login and Password.

The introductory subscription prices are:

     1 Month Trial              $ 9.95
     3 Months                   $36.00
     6 Months                   $59.00
     1 Year                     $99.00

     One-time setup fee         $ 9.95   

If you would like more information or would like to subscribe by the
phone, please call Internet Connect Services at 512-572-9987 in
Victoria, Texas.

Medical Questions can be directed to Dr. Philip Suarez, M.D. email:

Comments/Subscription can be emailed to: melissa@icsi.net

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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