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Astronomical Data Center

TELNET nssdca.gsfc.nasa.gov

At username type NODIS
Select from NODIS main menu

                Welcome to the Astronomical Data Center (ADC)
             Online Information System for Astronomical Catalogs

This is a system for obtaining information about, and interactively
requesting, any of the ADC's more than 600 astronomical catalogs.
Catalogs are available on: the NASA Science Internet and NSI/DECnet
computer networks;  9-track magnetic tape; microfiche and/or microfilm
and CD-ROM.  Not all catalogs are available in all forms. The Online
System will tell you what is available and how it can be sent to you.

         Please forward any questions, comments, or suggestions to:
                         Astronomical Data Center, Code 933
                         NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
                         Greenbelt, MD 20771 U.S.A.
                         TEL: (301) 286-8310, FTS 888-8310

         For Catalog and Request Inquiries :
                          Ms. Gail L. Schneider
                          NSI/DECnet: NDADSA::GAIL
                          Internet: GAIL@NDADSA.GSFC.NASA.GOV

         For ADC Online System :
                          Mr. Lee E. Brotzman
                          NSI/DECnet : NDADSA::BROTZMAN
                          Internet: BROTZMAN@NDADSA.GSFC.NASA.GOV

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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