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BASUN: The Information System for the Swedish University Network


At the Username prompt type INFO
At the Main Menu type 98 for the English version
Go to menu item 2, for keyboard instructions

                           Welcom to BASUN!

                  BASUN - The information system for SUNET
     1. General information about BASUN  7. Electronic Mail
     2. Help, What key should I use?     8. Gateway between DECnet and TCP/IP
     3. General information about SUNET  9. The Fax Gateway of SUNET
     4. DECnet in SUNET                 10. Archive on BASUN
     5. The IP Network in SUNET
    98. Byt spr}k till Svenska
    99  Opinions about BASUN. How do you like BASUN? Choose 99 to
        learn how to send opinions!
91-09-10            Some help for the beginner
The data base consists of menu pages (for example the main menu) and
information pages. You normally get a page through av menu selection.
A page can have continuation pages which you can page through.

Here is a description of the most common functions and we start by
describing how to end a session with BASUN.

Function:                         Press:

End session and quit              PF1 and ".", or [ctrl] Z
Make a menu selection             Number and [return] or [enter]
Return to previous menu           PF3
Next page                         [return] or -] (right arrow)
Previous page                     [-- (left arrow)

If you dont have a VT100 emulating terminal (or a computer emulating
a VT100 terminal) you should read the next page to learn about PF3.

Function keys

PF1, PF2 and PF3 are functions of a VT100 terminal. We have choosen
VT100 as the default terminal for BASUN as most users have a terminal
or computer that behave like a VT100 terminal. You should look into
the manual of your terminal program to find out how to use these
function keys if your computer don't have keys marked PF1, PF2 and PF3.

If your terminal or computer don't know anything about VT100 you can
use the special functions by typing the following:

For PF1 you type [esc]OP, for PF2 you type [esc]OQ and for PF3 you
type [esc]OR. [esc] means that you should press the key that is
labeled Esc or Escape.

Here follows a description of some "advanced" functions.
Every page in the data base has a unique page number. There exist a
function that displays that page number. If you know the page number
you can directly jump to that page. With the same function you can also
do keyword searching. A page can have one or more keywords. The pages
with information about computers connected to DECnet, TCP/IP and EARN/
BITNET have the name of the computers as keywords. That means that you
directly can see that page through a keyword search.

Function:                       Press:

Display page number             PF1 and 4
Search for a page number or
search for a keyword            PF1 and 7
Further help                    PF1 and PF2

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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