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University of Colorado Fremont demo login

TELNET bruno.cs.colorado.edu

login: fremont
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        2. System Overview
        3. X-windows demo
        4. ASCII demo
        5. Quit
Fremont is a research prototype for discovering key network
characteristics, such as hosts, gateways, and topology.  Fremont uses an
extensible set of Explorer Modules to discover information, based on a
variety of different protocols and information sources, rather than a
single network management protocol.  This approach allows more complete
and timely information to be discovered than, for example, using only
one protocol, even one as capable as the Simple Network Management
Protocol.  The discovered information is time-stamped and recorded in a
database (the Journal Server).  The contents of this database are
cross-correlated to form an increasingly complete network picture, to
direct further discovery, and to highlight inconsistent information.
The fremont login at bruno.cs.colorado.edu has been set up to provide
two simple demos of Fremont, based on information discovered from the
University of Colorado network.  These demos show only some of Fremont's
Since the demos require logins (and, in the case of the X demo, X traffic)
across the Internet, they exhibit poorer performance than you would get by
just running a Fremont client locally and connecting to our Journal Server.
If you have a SparcStation, a statically-linked X-windows executable is
available by anonymous FTP from ftp.cs.colorado.edu, in
pub/cs/distribs/fremont/xjsv.Z.  Don't forget to set "type image" before
retrieving this file.  You can run this executable by doing
        uncompress xjsv.Z
        chmod +x xjsv
        xjsv -j bruno.cs.colorado.edu
The Fremont source code is available by anonymous FTP, in
If you are interested in learning more about Fremont, a paper describing
its methodology is available by anonymous FTP from ftp.cs.colorado.edu,
in pub/cs/techreports/schwartz/PostScript/Fremont.ps.Z (compressed
PostScript) or pub/cs/techreports/schwartz/ASCII/Fremont.txt.Z
(compressed ASCII).  This paper is also included in the source code
The authors can be reached by email at
or, individually at:
        schwartz@cs.colorado.edu (Mike Schwartz),
        dcmwood@spot.colorado.edu (David Wood),
        colemans@cs.colorado.edu (Sean Coleman).

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