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ONet (Ontario Network)/Internet Instruction

TELNET kirk.northernc.on.ca

Username: VIANEN

ONet/Internet Instruction - Doug van Vianen

The following is a CIT (Computer Interactive Text) describing the
Internet, and introducing the user to the facilities provided and the
techniques to use.
It is currently under construction, but please try it anyway. Any ideas
and suggestions are welcome and should be sent to

                          ONET/INTERNET MANUAL
This manual contains information about the use of ONet/Internet for VAX
users at the College.  The following topics are included:

       1. (A) General description of ONet/Internet
       2. (B) Some useful ONet/Internet accesses

ONet (Ontario Network) is one of 10 (A) regional networks across Canada.

In each of these networks, the computing systems at educational
institutions, government departments, hospitals, commercial enterprises
and others are interconnected using a commom communications protocol
called (B) TCP/IP.  The computing systems may be large mainframe
computers, someone's personal computer or any make, model or size in

Within such a network, (C) users at terminals connected to the computing
systems can (D) apporopriately communicate with each other and use each
other's computing facilities.  The three basic functions provided on the
network are

   (e) email                 (f) telnet                   (g) ftp
electronic mail        teleprocessing network       file transfer protocol

From these are provided more (H) specialized services.

(I) CA*net (Canada Network) connects the 10 regional networks. (J) The
Internet connects CA*net to other networks in the world.

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