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IKE: IBM Kiosk for Education (formerly ISAAC)

TELNET isaac.engr.washington.edu

 __   __  __   _____
|  | |  |/  | |  ___|       IBM Kiosk for Education
|  | |    |  | |     <  |  ___|               Office: (206) 543-5604
|__| |__|\__| |_____|               E-mail: ike@ike.engr.washington.edu

Welcome to the IBM Kiosk for Education (IKE) User Discussion Forums.
These Forums are for the exchange of information among educators about
how they are using IBM systems for instruction and research.  This
system is available for use by faculty, staff, and students in higher
education for this purpose.

You must register to use this service.  Please enter your access code
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HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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