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PINE Mailer Demonstration (University of Washington)

TELNET demo.cac.washington.edu

login: pinedemo

**** Welcome to the Pine Mailer Demonstration account! ****

Here, an almost full-featured version of the Pine mailer is available
for your evaluation.  Mail can be sent from this account, but only if it
is addressed solely to this account:  pinedemo@cac.washington.edu

 PINE 3.85   MAIN MENU                          Folder: (CLOSED)  0 Messages

       ?     HELP               -  Get help using Pine
       C     COMPOSE MESSAGE    -  Compose and send a message
       I     FOLDER INDEX       -  View messages in current folder
       L     FOLDER LIST        -  Select a folder to view
       A     ADDRESS BOOK       -  Update address book
       S     SETUP              -  Configure or update Pine
       Q     QUIT               -  Exit the Pine program

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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