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                Weather Underground (University of Michigan)
TELNET um-weather.sprl.umich.edu:3000

                         University of Michigan
                          WEATHER UNDERGROUND
             College of Engineering, University of Michigan
         Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences
                    Ann Arbor, Michigan  48109-2143
                  comments: ldm@cirrus.sprl.umich.edu
 With Help from:  The National Science Foundation supported Unidata Project
                  University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
                  Boulder, Colorado  80307-3000
                 1) U.S. forecasts and climate data
                 2) Canadian forecasts
                 3) Current weather observations
                 4) Ski conditions
                 5) Long-range forecasts
                 6) Latest earthquake reports
                 7) Severe weather
                 8) Hurricane advisories
                 9) National Weather Summary
                10) International data
                11) Marine forecasts and observations
                12) Ultraviolet light forecast
                13) K-12 School Weather Observations
                14) Weather summary for the past month
                 X) Exit program
                 C) Change scrolling to screen
                 H) Help and information for new users
                 ?) Answers to all your questions

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