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                              NISS Gateway
TELNET niss.ac.uk

     ****  N I S S   G A T E W A Y  ********  M A I N  M E N U  ****
Please note the NISS Gateway has now been fully incorporated into
the NISS Information Gateway.  All its former connections and services
are available by selecting option I from this menu.
 I) NISS Information Gateway - access to the NISS World Wide Web server.
 A) NISS Bulletin Board (Information now available via option I above)
This menu will also continue to provide users with a familiar access route
to the following NISS Subscription Services for the forseeable 
 D) CHEST Computergram - Journal for Information Technology Professionals
 TD) OCLC FirstSearch Service (subscribers only)
You have limited access because your computer is not DNS registered 
in both forwards and reverse contexts. You are therefore unable to 
access services such as BT's Electronic Yellow Pages, the HE 
OPAC's, CWIS's, OCLC Firstsearch, Archie and many other services.
Please email comments to: gateway@niss.ac.uk 

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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