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Cooperative Extension Management System

TELNET hermes.ecn.purdue.edu

login: cerf
Password: purdue

                 Cooperative Extension Management System
                              Prepared by
                            Philip Peleties
                   Agricultural Communication Service
                           Purdue University
                         W. Lafayette, IN 47907

Cooperative Extension Management System (CEMS) Menu
  1- Use the Publication Database CERF
  2- Use the batch version of CERF
  3- Send a request to Information Server Almanac
  4- INFO 92
  5- Gopher
  6- Swais
  8- PENpages
  9- CARL (Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries)
  h- Help
  q- Quit

* 1. Cooperative Extension Reference File (CERF) (interactive): (cerf_help)

        Database which allows you to search for extension material (such as
        publications, films, slides, videos) based on a number of keywords.
        It is capable of operating in interactive menu-driven mode, or in
        batch mode.

* 2. CERF (batch): (cerf_batch_help)

        Originally developed to be accessed through electronic mail, this
        facility allows you to receive through electronic mail a listing of
        the CERF database matches.

* 3. Information Server Almanac: (alm_help)

        Almanac is an information server designed to answer requests received
        through electronic mail. Almanac allows you to retrieve reports,
        newsletters, journals, articles, publications, sounds, and graphic
        This service is cost-free to electronic mail users and offers
        documents in many types of electronic publishing formats.

* 4. Library databases, student information, and White Pages: (libtel_help)
        A versatile facility allowing you to access:

                @ University library databases throughout the world
                @ Student/Faculty information for U.S. Universities
                @ Internet White Pages database which provides you with
                  information regarding Internet users
                @ A variety of other database and information servers
                @ Bulletin Boards

* 5. Internet Client/Server Gopher: (gopher_help)

* 6. Simple Wide Area Information Server (SWAIS): (swais_help)

* 7. Questions on University Extension Regional Resource Information
     (QUERRI): (querri_help)

* 8. PENpages: (penpages_help)

* 9. CARL (Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries): (carl_help)

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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