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Hytelnet: 1st Directory of Internet Resources
Archive date: September 4, 1997 History of Hytelnet

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UKUUG Software Distribution Service archive

TELNET src.doc.ic.ac.uk

login: sources

                   Welcome to *The* UK Source Archive

For ftp access login as: anonymous
               password: your email address

Interactive access available on:
  uk.ac.ic.doc.src (00000510200001)   JANET X29/TS29 interactive login
  src.doc.ic.ac.uk (      telnet login (as "sources")

  src.doc.ic.ac.uk (      Anonymous ftp
Note that during working hours 9.30-5.30 GMT Mon-Fri - you will be niced down.

Here is a brief summary of the more useful commands.  Un*x people will
find a fairly large set of commands in /bin.

        scanfor thing   try and find if thing is in the archive
        note            send a note to the archive maintainers
        cat files       print files to the terminal without paging
        cd directory    change directory
        grep string files       look for string in files
        help            give some kind of help
        kermit          a simple file transfer program
        ls              list the files available in the current directory
        ls -l           long listing
        more files      print a file to the terminal with paging
        pwd             print the current directory path name
        stty            change terminal modes
                        stty echo               turn on echo
                        stty noecho             turn off echo
        sum             4.2 BSD compatiable checksum generator.
        uncompress      uncompress a file (uncompress        uncompress      uncompress a file (uncompress < file)
        zmore files     uncompress and list a file thru more
        split           break a text file up into chunks
        bsplit          break up a binary file into chunks
        tar             standard unix tape archiver
        atob            ascii-to-binary fileout
        btoa            binary-to-ascii fileout
        uuencode        standard unix binary to text conversion
        uudecode        standard unix text to binary conversion
        arc             common P archiver program
        unzip           de-archive zip'd archives
        man             print out manual pages (only a few available)

The archive here is growing rapidly.   If you are interested in being
kept in touch then there is a mailing list you can join by emailing to:

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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