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National Climatic Data Center Online Data System

TELNET hurricane.ncdc.noaa.gov

login: storm
Password: research

This system optionally runs as an X-window.  Running as an X-window has
the advantages of allowing you to point and click with a mouse and
display the forms in color (on color monitors).  However, it has more of
startup time.  We assume that if you choose the X-windows option that
you already have a window manager running on your system.

                     National Climatic Data Center
                STORM Data Management System - Main Menu

             Find, View or Order Data
             View Station Information
             (View Daily Weather Maps)
             View Project Information
             Run System Demonstration/Tutorial
             Update Dataset Notes/Comments
             Modify our information about you
             Glossary & Data Dictionary
             Exit the system

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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