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Hubble Space Telescope, Daily and Status Reports

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(extracted sample)
                         HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE
                           DAILY REPORT #900

PERIOD COVERED:  0800 EST 06/02/93 - 0800 EST 06/03/93
Daily Status Report as of 154/1200Z.

   1.1 Completed FOC/96 4804 (UV Imaging of Nearby Galaxies with FOC/96)

       The Faint Object Camera (f/96) was used to make one ultraviolet
       image of nearby galaxy ESO-1348-3. The exposure was for ten minutes,
       and used filter F220W. The image was received and displayed. No
       anomalies were noted. 

   1.2 Completed GHRS/2 4065 (Dark Noise Monitoring GHRS)

       The High Resolution Spectrograph was used to make a series of 16
       Dark calibration images which will be used to monitor dark noise.
       All 16 observations were received and displayed in the OSS. They
       were reported to look okay. 

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