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Illinois Flood Information Service

TELNET idea.ag.uiuc.edu

Username: FLOOD

             The Illinois Dial-up Extension Access System.
A list of disaster-relief organizations and government agencies is a new
addition to IDEA's Flood Information files.  New materials are being
added daily, so CES staff in flood-stricken areas should be sure to
check frequently for updates.

If you have flood-related questions that other CES staff may be able to
answer, please post them in the new Flood newsgroup.

      1.  Search Flood Information [?]
      2.  Flood-Help-Information.
      3.  Flood-Bulletin-Board-Help.
      4.  Agriculture/
      5.  Community-Development-and-Small-Business/
      6.  Consumer-Economics/
      7.  Disaster-Handbook-UPDATES/
      8.  Family-Relationships-and-Stress-Management/
      9.  Flood Bulletin Board [TEL]
      10. General-Misc-Information/
      11. Health-and-Safety/
      12. Housing-Furnishings-Equipment/
      13. Other-Resources/

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