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Newsday's Information Highway Outpost

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Username: HIGHWAY
                               Welcome to
                     Newsday and New York Newsday's
                      Information Highway Outpost
                       You can visit these areas
                  of the Information Highway Outpost:

                       INFORMATION HIGHWAY SERIES
            Current stories, updated daily through July 21.
                        ARTICLE AND FILE LIBRARY
         Download graphics, animations and background articles.
                         MESSAGE NEWSDAY STAFF
          Send your comments to Newsday reporters and editors.
                              PUBLIC FORUM
         Share views with other callers and with Newsday staff.
          Log-on Wednesday, July 21, at 9 p.m. for a real-time
           conversation with Newsday staff and other callers.

1 Information Highway Series
2 Article and File Library
3 Message Newsday Staff
4 Chat and Public Forum
5 Exit Service

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