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UMassK12: University of Massachusetts/Amherst K-12 Information System

TELNET k12.ucs.umass.edu

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  1 About UMassK12
  2 UMassK12 Access Phone Numbers
  3 UMassK12 Policies and Guidelines
  4 UMassK12 Educator Account Application Form
  5 UMassK12 Student Account Application Form and Parent Permission Forms
  6 UMassK12 Users' Manual
  7 Set Your Terminal Type
  8 Bulletins
  9 Read Newsgroups (Usenet, Fidonet, SpaceMet, K12Net, TechNet)
 10 Local Resources
 11 Access Other Online Services
 12 Help Desk
 13 Send a Message to the Sysop

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