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Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc.: The On-Line Bookstore

TELNET books.com


Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc. is an on-line Bookstore and Readers'
Conference System accessible by modem from anywhere in the world.

You can search for BOOKS by author or title, or just browse the
'shelves' by subject.  Pick the titles you want, place your order, and
we will ship them direct to your home or office.  We have over 240,000

When you purchase books you earn credits which are redeemed for FREE
BOOKS. These credits are called Bookmarks.  For a full explanation see
the BOOKMARKS bulletin under the menu choice (N)EWS AND NOTES.

We also offer special CONFERENCE/MESSAGE areas on a variety of topics.
You  can look up information on award winning titles, engage in
discussions of  your favorite books or authors, recommend favorite
titles, or just chat with  others in an area of interest.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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