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Subway Navigator

TELNET metro.jussieu.fr:10000

Bienvenue sur le serveur d'itineraires | Welcome to the subway navigator
des metros.                            |
Grace a ce service, vous pouvez        | This service may help you find a
chercher un parcours en metro dans     | route in the subway of some cities
certaines villes du monde.             | in the world.
Adressez vos commentaires a :          | Comments to:
 Pierre.David@prism.uvsq.fr            |  Pierre.David@prism.uvsq.fr
Parametres du terminal :               | Terminal settings:
 Interruption : ^C                     |  Interrupt  : ^C
 Correction   : [Backspace] ou [DEL]   |  Correction : [Backspace] or [DEL]
Vous pouvez demander de l'aide pour    | You can ask for help in all
chaque question en tapant '?'.         | questions with '?'.
Les reponses par defaut sont indiquees | Default answers are listed within
encadrees par des crochets '[...]'     | square brackets '[...]'
N'utilisez pas de caracteres accentues | Don't use accented characters.

You can now use the WWW server with the URL: http://metro.jussieu.fr:10001/

Choose a city among these ones:
austria/vienna             mexico/mexico
canada/montreal            nederland/amsterdam
canada/toronto             spain/barcelona
czech/prague               spain/madrid
france/lille               sweden/stockholm
france/lyon                united-kingdom/glasgow
france/marseille           united-kingdom/london
france/paris               united-kingdom/manchester
france/toulouse            united-kingdom/tyneside
germany/berlin             usa/atlanta
germany/bonn-koln          usa/baltimore
germany/frankfurt          usa/boston
germany/munich             usa/chicago
greece/athens              usa/miami
hong-kong/hong-kong        usa/new-york
india/calcutta             usa/san-francisco
italy/milano               usa/washington

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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