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Information Market Policy ACTions Service (IMPACT)

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The IMPACT (Information Market Policy ACTions) programme of DG XIII/E
aims to establish an internal market for electronic information services
and to improve the competitiveness of European firms by promoting the
use of advanced information services.

The programme was approved by the Council of Ministers in 1988. Its
two-year introductory phase, IMPACT 1, was implemented during 1989-1990.
IMPACT 2, the second phase of the programme, runs from 1991 until the
end of 1995 with a budget of Ecu 64 million.

The central strategic theme of IMPACT 2 is INFO EURO ACCESS 
("improving the accessibility of information at the European level 
for all interested parties"). 

The programme's four action lines are as follows: 

1 Improving the understanding of the market (through activities
  of the Information Market Observatory, IMO)
2 Overcoming legal and administrative barriers (through activities
  of the Legal Advisory Board, LAB)
3 Increasing user-friendliness and improving information literacy
  (by stimulating the application of norms and standards, and
  carrying out awareness, user support and training activities)
4 Supporting strategic information initiatives which actively
  contribute to the development of the European information market.

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