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Federal Job Opportunity Board - FJOB

TELNET fjob.mail.opm.gov

     The purpose of this board is to provide information about jobs that
are available in the Federal Government.  We cannot take applications.
If you see a job you want to apply for please contact the agency that
posted the job for more information.

                Federal Job Opportunity Board Main Menu

[1] Opportunities for Federal Employment - Files and Messages
[3] Agency's Entry Screen (add vacancy announcements to database)
[4] MDC - Management Development Center
[P]olicy Operations and Staffing Headquarters - POSH
[U]tilities and Miscellaneous Files
[E]lectronic Mail (private)          [F]eedback to Sysop
[B]ulletins                          [I]nfo ... System Information
[H]ELP! - How do I....               [R]oadmap to FJOB's Features

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