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K-12 Technology by Design Center

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The K-12 Technology by Design Center provides on-line access to books,
educational materials, and information about Technology.  Its resources
are directed at the needs of K-12 teachers, students, parents, and
teacher-training programs, but everyone is welcome to participate.  The
term Technology as used by the Center is largely synonymous with
Technology Education (US Term) and Design and Technology (UK/AU term).
For a more detailed definition of the term Technology, select
"Technology--Our Definition" at the Main Menu screen.

Owner/director Stephen Harrison, based in Vancouver, Canada, brings over
25 years' experience in design and education to the development of the
Center. Trained as a furniture/product designer in the UK, he worked as
a designer in eastern Canada, taught sculpture and Design Research
programs at the Vancouver School of Art, owned and operated a retail
furniture and design business, and instructed Design and Materials
courses at a Technology teacher-training institute.

As an educator, he became aware that in many educational jurisdictions
traditional thinking and lack of information were restricting the
development of innovative Technology programs.  To help remedy this
situation he is bringing together the best educational texts and
materials from around the world and providing a forum for the exchange
of ideas.

The materials available through the K-12 Technology by Design Center
have been carefully selected.  They demonstrate to students, teachers,
and the community at large the relevance of a Technology curriculum
based on design projects and methods.  Subject content of materials
provides an appropriate balance between hands-on and minds-on learning.
Many of the texts specifically relate to classroom activities, while
others integrate a wide range of economic, social, and cultural values.

Through its two basic services, the BOOKSTORE and the LIBRARY, the
Center aims to contribute to the development of a technologically
literate population able to make responsible and informed decisions
about the future of our planet.

The BOOKSTORE is comprised of a unique database of book titles that can
be searched using a variety of indexes.  The search automatically builds
a Personal Title List, including ordering instructions, which can be
e-mailed to the searcher.  The broad subject areas accessible through
the Bookstore include Technology, Design, Electronics, Applied
Art/Science, the Environment, Manufacturing, and History.

The LIBRARY is "under construction," with completion scheduled for the
end of 1994.  Some LIBRARY features are available at this time.
Expansion of the LIBRARY will be funded by revenue from BOOKSTORE sales,
and the success of the Class Project Exchange proposal (see LIBRARY
Menu) is dependent on contributions of projects from teachers.

Interested users everywhere are invited to take advantage of these 
services  by supporting the K-12 Technology by Design Center's 
commitment to offering the most comprehensive information about (Design 
and) Technology on the Internet.

Stephen Harrison

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