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Data Processing Independent Consultant's Exchange (DICE)

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If this is your first time on the system enter "new".
DICE is a FREE service for High Tech Professionals, looking for a
reliable place to find detailed information on consulting and full time
positions that companies are looking to fill, read interesting
information, and trade ideas with others.
DICE is not a placement agency, but an electronic job advertisement
service.  The service is financed by the participating agencies, brokers
and consulting firms.  By listing their open positions on DICE, they
hope to expand their contact with available professionals.
Most of the positions listed here are in the Data Processing,
Engineering, and Technical Writing fields.  The positions are real job
openings that companies are looking to fill now.  They are placed on the
system by the companies daily and removed when they are no longer valid.
If you find a position you are interested in, contact the company
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