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America's Job Bank

TELNET ajb.dni.us

The America's Job Bank computerized network links 2,000 state Employment
Service offices. It provides job seekers with the largest pool of active
job opportunities available anywhere. For employers it provides rapid,
national exposure for job openings. The actual number of jobs depends on
the size of the local labor market. However, the "nationwide" listings
in America's Job Bank contain information on appoximately 100,000 jobs.
Most of the jobs listed on America's Job Bank are full-time listings and
the majority are in the private sector. Appoximately five percent of the
job listings are in government. The job openings come from all over the
country and represent all types of work, from professions and technical
to blue collar, from management to clerical and sales.
There is no charge either to employers that list their job vacancies or
to job seekers who utilize America's Job Bank to locate employment.

HYTELNET was developed by Peter Scott: scott@lights.ca

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