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COBISS: Cooperative online bibliographic system & services (Slovenia)

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                   Institutions in the COBISS system
Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana
Academy of Music, Ljubljana
AGRFT, Centre of Theatre Studies and Cinemat., Ljubljana
Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana
Bank of Slovenia
BF - Dept. of Agronomy, Ljubljana
BF - Dept. of Food Science and Technology, Ljubljana
Central Biotechnical Library, Ljubljana
Central Medical Library, Ljubljana
Central Technological Library, Ljubljana
Centre for Internat.Cooperation and Development, Ljubljana
Chair of Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law, Ljubljana
FAGG, Dept.of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Ljubljana
Faculty of Law, Ljubljana
Dr. France SuS{Bnik Public Library of KoroS{Bka, Ravne
Episcopal and Theological Library, Maribor
Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana
Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana
Faculty of Education, Ljubljana
Faculty of Education, Maribor
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Ljubljana
Faculty of Law, Ljubljana
Faculty of Law, Maribor
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ljubljana
Faculty of Technical Sciences, Maribor
FNT, Dept. of Chemical Education and Informatics, Ljubljana
FNT, Dept. of Chemistry,  Dept. of Pharmacy, Ljubljana
FNT, Dept. of Physics, Ljubljana
FNT, Dept. of Physics, Astronomic Library, Ljubljana
FNT, Dept. of Textile Technology, Ljubljana
France Bevk Public Library of Gorica, Nova Gorica
FSS, Central Social Sciences Library, Ljubljana
Gorenje - Household Appliances, Velenje
Grammar School BeS`Bigrad
High School of Agriculture, Maribor
Institute of Biology, University of Ljubljana
Institute of Economic Research, Ljubljana
Institute of Oncology, Ljubljana
Institutum studiorum humanitatis, Ljubljana
National Building and Civil Engineering Inst. Ljubljana
National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana
Institute for Contemporary History, Ljubljana
Institute for Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana
Institute for Geology, Geotechnic and Geophysics, Ljubljana
Institute of Information Science, Maribor
Institute of Public Health, Maribor
ISKRA - Information Documentation Centre, Ljubljana
JoS`Bef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana
Library of Science, Pula
Maribor Public Library
Mathematical Library, Ljubljana
Medical High School "Juga Polak", Maribor
Medical Library - Medical Teaching Hospital, Maribor
Ministry of Science and Technology, Ljubljana
MS[BS[B, Institution for Education and Sports, Ljubljana
Museum of Modern History, Ljubljana
National and University Library, Ljubljana
National Museum, Ljubljana
Pedagogical Research Institute, Univ. of Ljubljana
PTT Enterprise of Slovenia, Ljubljana
Public Library BeS`Bigrad, Ljubljana
Public Library Ciril KosmaS~B, Tolmin
Public Library Ivan PotrS~B, Ptuj
Public Library Josip VoS{Bnjak, Slovenska Bistrica
Public Library JoS`Be Mazovec, Ljubljana
Public Library Ksaver MeS{Bko, Slovenj Gradec
Public Library Miran Jarc, Novo mesto
Public Library of Celje
Public Library of Kranj
Public Library Oton S@BupanS~BiS~B, Ljubljana
Public Library PreS`Bihov Voranc, Ljubljana ViS~B
Public Library SreS~Bko Vilhar, Koper - Capodistria
Public Library S[BiS{Bka, Ljubljana
Regional and Study Library, Murska Sobota
Regional Archives Maribor
Rehabilitation Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana
School of Business and Economics, Maribor
School of Organizational Sciences, Kranj
Secondary School of Economics, Maribor
Seismological Survey of Slovenia, Ljubljana
Slavic Library, Ljubljana
Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana
Slovene Adult Education Centre, Ljubljana
Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana
TAM Development and Technical Institute, Maribor
Textile Institute, Maribor
Theological Faculty, Ljubljana
University College of Health Care, Ljubljana
University College of Social Work, Ljubljana
University Development Centre, Ljubljana
University Library Maribor
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ljubljana
IInd Grammar School, Maribor

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