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            Boston Library Consortium Union List of Serials
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                 What is the Boston Library Consortium?
The Boston Library Consortium (BLC) is a cooperative association of
fifteen academic and research libraries.  Founded in 1970, the
Consortium supports resource sharing and enhancement of services to
users of the member libraries.  Members include:
Boston College                      Tufts University
Boston Public Library               University of Massachusetts Amherst
Boston University                   University of Massachusetts Boston
Brandeis University                 University of Massachusetts
MBL/WHOI Library                       Dartmouth
Massachusetts Institute of          University of Massachusetts Lowell
   Technology                       University of Massachusetts
Northeastern University                Worcester
State Library Of Massachusetts      Wellesley College
                      What is the BLC Union List?
                       BOSTON LIBRARY CONSORTIUM
                         Union List of Serials
The Boston Library Consortium Union List of Serials includes serials,
periodicals, newspapers, annuals, government documents, monographic
series, reports, proceedings, and transactions in various formats such
as print, microform and CD-Rom held by the libraries of the member
The Union List contains a combination of currently received
subscriptions along with titles which have ceased, merged, or are no
longer being received.  The holdings information is in some cases based
on the catalogs of the member institutions, but in others, is based on
brief summary level information.

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