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LOCIS: Library of Congress Information System

TELNET locis.loc.gov

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  1   Library of Congress Catalog              4   Braille and Audio
  2   Federal Legislation                      5   Organizations
  3   Copyright Information                    6   Foreign Law
  7   Searching Hours and Basics
  8   Documentation and Classes
  9   Library of Congress General Information
 12   Comments and Logoff
                      LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOG
 CHOICE                                                                 FILE
  1   BOOKS: English language books 1968-, French 1973-, German,        LOCI
      Portuguese, Spanish 1975-, other European languages 1976-77,
      non-European languages 1978-79.  Some microforms 1984-.
  2   BOOKS earlier than the dates above.  Some serials, maps,          PREM
      music, audiovisual items.
  3   Combination of files 1 and 2 above  (LOCI and PREM).
  4   SERIALS cataloged at LC & some other libraries since 1973.        LOCS
  5   MAPS and other cartographic items cataloged at LC 1968-           LOCM
      and some other research libraries 1985-.  Atlases (which
      are books) are in LOCI and PREM.
  6   SUBJECT TERMS and cross references from LC Subject Headings.      LCXR
 12   Return to LOCIS MENU screen.

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