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   Rimal Publications

Location:  Nicosia Cyprus
Description:  Rimal Publications, an independent publishing house, was established by Nora Shawwa in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1993. The initial emphasis of the publisher, Nora Shawwa, was on children's books, with the aim of encouraging young readers in the Arab world to enjoy reading. Rimal published the first comprehensive full-colour illustrated Arabic/Arabic Dictionary for Children in the elementary and intermediate levels, an achievement hailed in educational circles. The focus on encouraging reading among children remains one of Rimal's objectives
Formats:   Books, Dictionaries, Magazines, Prints
Topics:   Art & Architecture, Childcare/Parenting, Children's Books, Culture, Current Affairs

  • Gerald Butt
  • Odd Karsten Tveit
  • Tony Attwood
  • Widad Kamel Kawar
  • Shirley Kay
  • Niki Marangou
  • Hazem Zaki Nusseibeh
  • Margarita Skinner
  • Jane Whelen Banks
  • Anthony O’Mahony

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