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  • 2008 National Year of Reading - the place to talk about your favourite reads; your bests, your worsts, the memorable and the heinous. It's a celebration of words, poems, lyrics, novels, slang and all that's great about reading
  • Actually, I do judge books by their covers... - For anyone who picks out books depending on their covers...
  • All I Really Want to Do Is Read Good Books in Interesting Places - If you've had enough of quotidian drudgery and would prefer to be reading "East of Eden" in, say, Eden, join us
  • Aspiring Authors - If your dream is to become a published storyteller (novelist, screenwriter, poet, short story writer etc.), you've come to the right place! What we're all about: books, novels, stories, writing, writers, plays, screenplays, short stories, plot, creative, creativity, fiction, interactive story...
  • Books for Burma - looking to gather together books for children living in the Burmese displacement camps
  • Books Worth Reading - Books worth a quick flip through...
  • Bookseller+Publisher - The magazine of the book industry in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region
  • British Library Book Club - for anyone who wants to chat about research, books, illustration, sound & music, newspapers, and all things literary
  • Cate's International Book Club - A place to recommend new books, discuss old favourites, arrange to swap or pass on copies that you've finished reading
  • Enquire within on SF, Fantasy, Horror and book publishing - Established by John Jarrold: "I run a literary agency, which I set up after fifteen years running three SF and Fantasy imprints in London publishing (Orbit, Legend and Earthlight), and also edit novels for new writers and do freelance editing for publishers. It's a portfolio lifestyle... This group is here to discuss the genre, and for new writers and interested parties to ask questions..."
  • Future of the Book - a small think and do tank investigating the evolution of intellectual discourse and creative writing as it shifts from printed pages to networked screens
  • Give Me British Lit or Give Me Death! - for anyone who can't imagine where they would be without Dickens, who can't imagine life as we know it without Shakespeare, and who know life couldn't go on without Austen
  • Help Support Independent Publishers!
  • I actually read books because I want to - We all love to read, because its fun and makes you look ultra hip and cool. Yeahhh, well reading is fun, and if you actually read when you arent being forced to, join this group. PLUS, if you like, you get a really cool title
  • I work in publishing and I'm underpaid - Do you work in publishing? Are you underpaid? Of course you are! Join the group so we can all have a good moan
  • In My Book® Bookmark/Greeting cards - Inexpensive and a great gift for booklovers. Buy them online
  • The London Book Fair
  • The London Book Project - a free book exchange on a massive scale. Using the London Underground as a high speed distribution network, we aim to bring real literature to London's commuters
  • A Love of Romance Novels - More than 65 million people in North America read romance fiction (along with millions more around the world). Romance Fiction IS fiction and includes authors from Jane Austen to Helen Fielding to Nora Roberts. So welcome romance readers, romance authors and aspiring writers! Join in our lively discussions about this fabulous genre!
  • Lovelybooks - an online community for booklovers. Lovelybooks enables you to meet readers, authors and other bookworms with similar tastes. You can create your own virtual bookshelf, rate and recommend books, write reviews, start your own reading groups, talk with like-minded people and much more
  • Official Powell's City of Books Fan Club - "Portland Oregon is home to the greatest bookstore on the planet. No contest. If you are living in Portland or not this is the group for you"
  • Passion of Books - A group about everything related to books. You can post photos about your books, bookshelves, libraries, bookstores, bookmarks, etc. Authors of books are welcome to post photos of your books
  • PLR - Protect Public Lending Rights in the UK - PLR makes payments to writers and illustrators for their books borrowed from libraries in the UK. The British government plans to reduce the funds available for PLR next year. This will have an impact on writers - many of whom depend on PLR for part of their income
  • The Publisher's Place - This is the place for Publishing and related companies to share with us a little about their company, post opportunities, and give or get professional advice. And for students and professionals to seek publishing opportunities, knowledge about the publishing industry, information on their education and degrees, and give or get advice
  • Publisher's Promise - Find out about books we love. Books we love so much that we promise you will too
  • Publishing Talk - A group for readers of the blog, and publishers or authors interested in using social media to promote books
  • Read Banned Books - "It's not just the books under fire now that worry me. It is the books that will never be written. The books that will never be read. And all due to the fear of censorship. As always, young readers will be the real losers" – Judy Blume
  • Reportage Press Readers' Group - Reportage Press is a new publishing house specialising in books on foreign affairs or set in foreign countries; non-fiction, fiction, essays, travel books, old travel memoirs, or just books written from a stranger's view
  • Room to Read - partners with local communities throughout the developing world to establish schools, libraries, and other educational infrastructure. We seek to intervene early in the lives of children in the belief that education is a lifelong gift that empowers people to ultimately improve socioeconomic conditions for their families, communities, countries, and future generations. Through the opportunities that only an education can provide, we strive to break the cycle of poverty, one child at a time
  • Save RIF (Reading is Fundamental) - Bush's 2009 budget proposal cuts funding to RIF. Every year RIF puts 16 million books into the hands of children who need them
  • Smart B*tches Who Loves Trashy Books - Love romance novels? Are not afraid to proclaim this fact? Exasperated with the crappy quality? Love to wank on and on and on and on about things like the Orientalism in sheikh romances, or the sociology of romance novel reading? Join us. Resistance is futile
  • Writing and Publishing - A group for writers, publishers, literary agents, and publicists to schmooze about how to get published & how to successfully promote a book

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