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Directions and Tips for Searching

You can type one or more keywords into the Search Form and search all the articles in the database.

You can search all the fields or limit your search to just one field such as Author, Article Title or Journal/Newspaper Title.

The search will find your keyword anywhere in the field provided that your word or fragment is at the start of the word.

For example, if you'd like to search for dance and dancing, simply enter danc without the "e" and it will return all entries that have words that start with danc including dance, dances, dancing, and dancer.

If you enter multiple keywords, it will look for both words in the record or in a particular field. The words can appear in any order. For example, you can enter Journal Canadian in the search box and choose the field Journal/Newspaper Title and it will find Canadian Journal of Native Studies

Example of an Author Search

For example if you are looking for books or articles by Maria Campbell, you can select "Author" from the drop down menu and then type in:


Campbell, Maria

Maria Campbell


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